• Carlene O'Connor

Notification Settings and Apologies

Hello everyone. After posting the Spring Giveaway blog posting yesterday many of you received emails every time someone commented. I truly did not even know this was a setting on the site. How annoying! I am not a very high-tech person which is why a web designer is currently working on my new site. Unfortunately I've been on the phone with Wix but have not been able to resolve it on my end. The only way to stop receiving these notifications is to Unsubscribe to the COMMENTS portion as shown in the picture below. You can also Unsubscribe to all Blog Notifications. I know many of you are probably like me-- not techie-- and probably didn't even realize the notification settings when you signed up. When my new site is ready I'll make sure to speak with the web developer so that this is not even an option. I feel bad that many of you were upset and I totally understand-- that's annoying!! Even I was surprised when they all came to my email box. I can't wait until my new site is completed and the tech portions will be under much better control. Thanks for understanding!

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