2018 is going to be a fun year! Here are the places I will be, stop by if you're in any of these neighborhoods on these dates... ********* Print A Bookstore: Portland Maine April 10th 2018 Malice Domestic -- Bethesda, MD April 27-29th 2018 Bethesda MD Sam Miller's-- Richmond, VA July 15th 2018 Centuries and Sleuths -- Forest Park, IL September 1st 2018 The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Scottsdale AZ, November 3rd 2018 #Ireland #murdermystery #cozymystery #CarleneOConnor

Hello readers!

Murder in an Irish Churchyard, the third in the Irish Village Mystery Series will be released February 26th 2018. Murder at an Irish Wedding, the second in the Irish Village Mystery Series, will be released in mass paperback January 31st 2018. Murder in an Irish Village became a USA Today Bestseller in November of 2017. Cheers to all! #MaryCarter #Ireland #murdermystery #cozymystery #CarleneOConnor